New: „The Humboldt Seven“ for our English Readers

Für unsere deutschen Leser: Es geht um einen englischsprachigen SF-Roman, den zu schreiben ich vor einiger Zeit begann, und den ich jetzt hier zum Download einstelle.

Hi all,

It’s Corona time (no kidding!), and those artistically minded among us try to alleviate the ennui and boredom of their fellow human being the best way they can.

Lovell_pre-launch_gemini_7Here’s something I began some time ago, but never got around to actually propagate: It’s „The Humboldt Seven“, a SciFi novel aimed at young adults, and styled in a kind of „retro SF“, to resemble the space operas I read as a youngster.

Set in the early seventies, sometime between Apollo and Skylab, the fledling ESA, the European Space Agency, stumbles upon the secret of interstellar space flight, and sends an exploratory ship — the Humboldt — into deep space, with a small crew of seven. Really, only seven…? 😉

The idea was to serialize the novel. Here are the first few chapters written so far. Please note that this was only a first draft, and I never got around to „polishing“ it. But I’m still happy if people download and read the adventures of „Mack“ and his crew. If there is positive feedback, and if time allows, I’ll be happy to provide more chapters and further pursue the adventures of the small crew.

Download „The Humboldt Seven“

Have fun!

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