Hello, and thanks for your interest in my literary works!

A small amount of my output has indeed been in the English language. Have a look at it:

  • Bored during Corona? Some time ago I started work on a young adult SciFi novel „The Humboldt 7“ (back then still called „The Gallileo 7“.) For your entertainment, here’s the first few chapters which I wrote, albeit only as a draft. Feel free to read, enjoy and comment. If the feedback is positive and there is interest, I will go on with it!
  • Together with the Little More Sonic crew, I’ve produced an audio play in English: Called „Heart of Darkness„, it adapts Joseph Conrad’s classic novel to a setting in the Doctor Who universe, where an unnamed female Time Lord must track down the rogue „Vector“, who has set up a reign of terror on a remote planet by dispensing „The Truth“.
  • Simonetta da Ravenna is a quaint little tale set in renaissance Italy, where the eponymous Simonetta, peddler in relics, meets Bishop Hilario and gets more deeply involved in the cleric’s schemes than she anticipated. This one is a colaboration with artist Fiona Messer.

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